You Can Re-Open Your Claim After Your 5-Year Aggravation Period Ends

Insurers don’t usually tell you this, but you can re-open your Workers’ Compensation claim even after your 5-year Aggravation period ends.  After your claim is closed and you receive your Notice of Closure, you have a 5-year period in which you can re-open your claim due to an aggravation or worsening of your accepted work injury.  However, if your accepted work injury worsens after this 5-year period, we can help you re-open the claim under a different set of rules, known as “Own Motion” rules.  Your right to re-open your claim under the “Own Motion” rules have no time limit.  Remember that you are entitled to some kinds of medical treatment even while your claim remains in a closed status.  And, in many cases your right to any reasonable and necessary medical treatment lasts throughout your lifetime.  Call us to discuss how we can help you re-open your claim and/or receive the medical treatment that you need for your accepted work injury.