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Once you have filed a workers’ compensation claim, the legal process can be confusing and frustrating. Insurance companies can cause delays in paying or approving your medical treatment, and you may not receive the benefits that you deserve.

We aggressively confront the insurance company and can get you a fair workers’ compensation settlement. We can help you take control of your claim and receive all of the benefits that you deserve.

Common Workplace Injuries Include:

Most people are unfamiliar with the complex details and requirements of a workers’ compensation claim. It’s very common to feel confused or uncertain about your rights and what benefits you’re entitled to. If this is how you feel, you are not alone.

As a general rule, if you think something might be “wrong” with your claim, you are probably right. Call us to discuss your claim on the phone or in person. We know the workers’ compensations laws, the unexpected pitfalls and how to steer clear of traps. We will help you understand your rights, put your claim on the right track and get you what you deserve.

Call us if:

You receive a denial letter: If the insurance company denies any part of your claim, call us. We will evaluate your entire file, work with your doctors and position your case to win at an Oregon workers’ compensation hearing.

You do not receive lost wage payments: You depend on compensation for lost wages while you are unable to work. If the insurance company does not pay you lost wages, pays you too little, or claims they overpaid you, contact us. We will help you get the payments you deserve and, in some circumstances, an extra penalty assessed against the insurance company. We will fight to get you paid what you deserve under Oregon law.

The insurer refuses to pay medical bills: It can be confusing when the insurance company refuses to pay your bills even though you still need medical treatment. We are familiar with the many ways insurers attempt to derail your claim and try to avoid paying your medical bills. Contact us and we will review your claim and get it back on track.

You are scheduled for an Independent medical evaluation (IME): When the insurance company schedules an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME), it is often because they have doubts about your injuries, what kind of treatment to approve or whether you still need medical treatment at all. When you are scheduled for an IME, it may mean that there is trouble ahead. This is a good time to contact us so that we can help you understand what the insurance company is trying to do and tell you what you need to know about IMEs.

Your claim is closed: If your claim is closed too early, it is closed without a fair permanent partial disability (PPD) award or it just doesn’t seem right, contact us. We will review your Notice of Closure and discuss your options, including how to re-open your claim, increase your disability award, apply for vocational retraining or make a cash settlement

You need to re-open your claim: In most cases, you can re-open a closed claim any time if your work injury worsens. However, there are several different ways to re-open a claim and the process can be difficult to navigate. If you need assistance or have questions about re-opening a closed claim, contact us. We will help you navigate the re-opening process in order to get you the medical treatment you need or the cash settlement that you deserve.

What Our Attorneys Can Do for You

Appeal Denied Claims

Recover Lost Wages

Handle Claims Processing Insurance Issues

Get a Fair Settlement

Deal with Claims Adjusters & Obtain Payment

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What Are You Entitled To?

Medical Treatment

‌• Diagnostic procedures to find the cause of the injury
‌• Medicine, medical supplies and medical equipment to help your recovery
‌• Consultations with medical experts
‌• Authorization for surgery and other medical procedures

Monetary Benefits

‌• Payment of lost wages
‌• Vocational rehabilitation
‌• Reimbursement for transportation costs, to and from the hospital or physician
‌•Permanent Total Disability (PTD) or partial disability payments

Consultations are free. No fee without recovery.