Has the Insurance Company Accepted All of Your Injuries?

Just because the Workers’ Compensation Insurer is paying all of your bills does not mean that they have accepted all of your injuries.  It is common for an insurer to initially accept a minor condition such as a “back strain” or a “knee strain” even though you have an injury far worse than a strain or you have injuries to other parts of your body which are also related to your job.  You may think that everything is OK because the insurer is paying your medical bills and your lost wages.  But, if they have not accepted all of your injuries or all of your doctor’s diagnoses, then you may be denied valuable claim benefits down the road.  Also, sometimes an injury causes new problems, either in the same body part or to other parts of your body.  It is important to make sure that the insurer accept these “consequential” problems, too.  We can help make sure that the insurer accepts all of the injuries which were caused by your job and that you get the medical treatment and benefits that you deserve.