Lawyers for Injured Burns, Oregon Residents

The Law Offices of Bailey & Yarmo offer services to Burns, Oregon residents. They specialize in a variety of services including personal injury claims and workers’ compensation cases. Other injuries may include auto accidents, back and neck pain, wrongful death, brain injury, work injury, bike accidents and whiplash.

Our Attorney Services

Our attorneys will help get your present and future doctor’s bills paid and ensure that you get health care rehabilitation. The negligent party should be held responsible.

Negligence varies from drunk driving to ignoring poor work conditions. Injuries can severely affect work and social lives. Many people suffer from wage loss. Our commitment is to your recovery. Find more information on filing an Oregon Report of Job Injury or Illness Workers’ Compensation Claim on our workers’ compensation or personal injury page.

What Our Lawyers Can Do For You

‌• Investigate your personal or work injury

‌• Talk with your doctors to determine the nature of your injuries

‌• Determine a monetary compensation for past and future medical bills

‌• Represent you at all personal injury and workers’ compensation hearings

‌• Provide expertise of legal advice and analysis

Consultations are always free.
No fee without recovery.

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